nuBASIC is a programming language from the BASIC family distributed under MIT/GPLv2 License

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nuBASIC has been designed by the author, Antonino Calderonemainly for educational purposes both for C++ developers that can deal with a non-trivial example of modern C++ programming and for beginners, which may get hooked on programming. 
It is suitable for simple games, educational or small business programs.

Anyone who has previously worked with other BASIC languages will quickly become accustomed to nuBASIC.
Large sections of the basic constructs of nuBASIC are compatible with other BASIC dialects.

nuBASIC is also very simple. It is an excellent tool for teaching programming to a complete beginner, despite this, it has all the features of a modern programming language.

It allows you to write both classic BASIC programs (which use line numbers and GoTo or GoSub control structures) and procedure oriented programs, based on procedural programming paradigm.

  • Free and Open Source (distributed under GPLv2/MIT License)
  • Easy to use and simple enough for 8-year-old-child to understand
  • Fully-developed procedural programming language
  • IDE for Windows and Linux (GTK+2)
  • Multiplatform. Runs on 32-bit and 64-bit Linux/Windows/MacOS
  • Built-in help
  • Documented (English and Italian Guides)
  • Examples include Tetris, Mine Hunter, Breakout, Calculator, TicTacToe
  • Tiny version is suitable for embedded systems

Latest nuBASIC release 1.48 (2017/7/3) available on