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"...nuBASIC still fills a niche: for those who fancy a trip down memory lane, for programmers who want to see how a language is implemented (the interpreter is written in C++), and for children looking for an easy path into the world of programming."

is a Directory of Organisations and Initiatives, Software Forges, and Software Development Projects related to the Open Source Community. Further beOpen offersNews, Events and Links from the Community. Finally, the portal supports the exchange of opinions between like-minded people and their networking.

Magazin mit Schwerpunkten auf Open Source, Android und Linux.
(Magazine with a focus on open source, Android and Linux)

Freeware Guide
Daily news of freeware updates, Program of the Month, Top 10 Freeware, Freeware links, Featured Freeware, Native 64-bit freeware.

Fresh(Code) is a reimplementation of FreshMeat/FreeCode, which shut down in June 2014. It's intended to become a community-driven website again.


The "Fossies" Software Archive
... Fresh Open Source Software mainly for Internet, Engineering and Science ...

Page de veille technologique du Lycée Albert Camus (Conakry, Guinée).
Maintenue par H. WILLOX, Professeur de Technologie.