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Program source code files can be thought of as containing a hierarchy of sections, which themselves might contain sub-sections.


The folding feature lets you selectively hide and show these sections, replacing hidden ones with a single line that serves as an “overview” of that section.

Fold points are based upon indentation.

The fold point markers (in the fold margin) can be clicked to expand and contract folds. Normal clicking does not alter the fold state of child fold points; naturally the children are hidden when the parent fold is contracted, but when the parent is expanded again, each child is still folded or not, as before.

Ctrl+Click on a fold point toggles it and performs the same operation on all children.

Shift+Click on a fold point does not toggle that fold, it expands all the child folds.

Ctrl+Shift+Click in the fold margin expands or contracts all the top level folds. "Toggle all folds" in the View menu does the same; it toggles only top-level folds.

Tip: To open a large code block with all its children folded, fold it with Ctrl+Click, then open it with a normal click. Then on opening a child fold, you will see that the grandchild folds are still closed; if you want those 'grandchild' folds open, Shift+Click the child fold.