CLI commands

The following are the commands and statements most frequently used with program files.
  • Save filename
    Writes to storage unit the program currently residing in memory. 
  • Load filename
    Loads the program from a storage unit into memory. LOAD deletes the current contents of memory before loading the program. 
  • Run
    Runs program present in memory. 
  • ! command
    Invokes the command processor of the shell to execute a command.

! ls examples/*

examples/bg.bmp          examples/fact.bas          examples/parabola.bas
examples/bitmap.bas      examples/graph.bas         examples/ray.bas
examples/breakout.bas    examples/guess.bas         examples/readfile.bas
examples/breakout2.bas   examples/line.bas          examples/recursive.bas
examples/breakout3.bas   examples/minehunter.bas    examples/rosetta.bas
examples/calc.bas        examples/nutris.bas        examples/tictactoe.bas
examples/cartoon.bas     examples/nutris3D.bas      examples/walk.bmp
examples/code.bas        examples/nutrisbg.bmp

The complete list of CLI commands is the following

Command Syntax


! shell_command

Executes shell command.

? [print_parameters, ...]

Executes Print instruction.

Apropos identifier

Searches a help content containing short descriptions of commands for keywords.

Break [line [IF condition]]

Sets up a breakpoint at line specified. With “IF condition” breakpoint becomes conditional (it stops program execution only if condition becomes true).

If no parameters are provided, Break shows active breakpoints and related lines of code.


Compiles program (it is mainly useful for debugging purposes).


Clears all variables.


Removes all breakpoints.

Cd <new directory>

Changes the current working directory.


Resumes program execution until your program completes, or stops on CTRL+C, or a breakpoint is hit.

Exec <program file>

Loads and runs a program file.


Exits the nuBASIC interpreter.

Grep <pattern>

Lists lines containing a match to the given pattern.

Help [language_keyword]

Provides a description about keyword. 
In case where keyword is not specified, shows the list of keywords, including commands, instructions functions and operators.

List [first][-last]

List [first-]

Lists all or part of a program.

Load filename

Loads a program file in memory.


Deletes the program currently in memory and clear all variables.


Shows the current working directory.

Renum [increment(default=10)]

Renumbers program lines.

Run [line]

Executes the program currently in memory.

RmBrk line

Removes a breakpoint.

Save filename

Saves current program to file.


Disables program tracing.


Enables program tracing.


Prints out information about nuBASIC version.


Shows execution context information.


Shows meta information of program currently in memory.


This command is identical to Cont but it does not execute interrupted line, skipping it.