Data [expression1][,expression2][,expression3]...

Save the result of expressions into memory that can be re-read by Read instruction.

Expressions can be any numeric or string expressions, variables or constants.

This statement must be executed before a data is available for Read instruction.

A pointer to next data is automatically incremented for each data read by Read instruction.

Such pointer can be reset by Restore.


Dim s as String

s = "Hello"

Data 2-1, s, .5

Read a%, b$

Print a%, b$


Read a%, b$, c

Print a%, b$, c

1 Hello

1 Hello 0.5

Print Restore(0-1) : Rem Release data memory and reset the data pointer to 0


Data 2 : Rem Insert 2 in location 0

Read a : Rem Read 2 and save it into variable a

Print a