CLI commands

The following are the commands and statements most frequently used with program files.

  • Save filename

  • Writes to storage unit the program currently residing in memory.

  • Load filename

  • Loads the program from a storage unit into memory. LOAD deletes the current contents of memory before loading the program.

  • Run

  • Runs program present in memory.

  • ! command

  • Invokes the command processor of the shell to execute a command.


! ls examples/*

examples/bg.bmp examples/fact.bas examples/parabola.bas

examples/bitmap.bas examples/graph.bas examples/ray.bas

examples/breakout.bas examples/guess.bas examples/readfile.bas

examples/breakout2.bas examples/line.bas examples/recursive.bas

examples/breakout3.bas examples/minehunter.bas examples/rosetta.bas

examples/calc.bas examples/nutris.bas examples/tictactoe.bas

examples/cartoon.bas examples/nutris3D.bas examples/walk.bmp

examples/code.bas examples/nutrisbg.bmp

The complete list of CLI commands is the following